It takes courage to come into therapy; how do you choose who to work with? I recommend a free phone consultation to share your challenges, discuss details of how we might work together and to feel how we connect with each other.  It can be stressful or upsetting to admit that you need help to move through your struggles.  But if you take the time to find that help and come to therapy ready to work, it can be a transformative experience.  You may have had therapy before or perhaps this is your first time. I see many for whom therapy is not new but a new approach is needed.  A prime goal at the start is for you to feel safe to express where you’re at.

I love working with creative types, business creatives, music lovers and those who are guided by music. Guided Imagery and Music accesses your creative spirit, brings a nonverbal component (beyond words) to the process and opens possibilities for the future. EMDR and mindfulness techniques make use of neuroplasticity, meaning that it’s possible to rewire your brain to stop unwanted behaviors that have become a default for you – such as anxiety.  It is truly mind over matter. Of course we can have regular verbal sessions, too.

I have helped those dealing with depression, anxiety, survivors of childhood abuse/trauma, loss, low self-esteem, relationship inequalities, life changes and physical illness, including cancer. You are a unique individual and I am committed to working in a way that is right for you.  I may suggest that you do some homework in between sessions to maximize the impact of our work together.

These videos are excerpts from Mike Lee’s Into the Unknown podcast series on life transitions.
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